Review of Chateau Vrai Caillou Entre-Deux-Mers 2015 (Bordeaux Blanc Experiment 1a.)

It's been a busy few days filled with travel and fun.  Unfortunately that meant no time to write about my first Bordeaux Blanc experiment.  Well, I'm back today and forcing myself to write up this review. Full disclosure, I did not know there were white wines from Bordeaux until I embarked on this "VinoExperiment".  I... Continue Reading →

The Magical Interaction between Tannins and Fats in our Mouths (Why Red Wines go so well with Meat)

Wine pairing rules bothered me.  Experts and traditional beliefs guided the less experienced, people like me, on what to drink.  Then around the late 2000s to the early 2010s, there were a lot of experts advising the rules were meant to be broken.  For example, a New York Times author recommended red wine with oysters.  ... Continue Reading →

Review of Château La Commanderie de Saint Genis Bordeaux Supérieur 2014 (Bordeaux Experiment 1c)

It was finally time to try the Chateau La Commanderie de Saint-Genis Bordeaux Superieur 2014, the last of the three Bordeauxs I purchased.  I was not sure what to expect because I had very different experiences with the first two Bordeauxs I tried.  The first, Chateau Roc Meynard Bordeaux Superieur 2014, started off harsh and astringent.... Continue Reading →

Review of Chateau Tour Prignac Medoc 2014 (Bordeaux Experiment 1b)

I thought I was going to wait until this weekend to try my second Bordeaux.  I then started thinking about how long it would take to stick with my plan if I only tried 1 bottle of wine per week.  Three months just to sample a total of 12 bottles from Bordeaux and Burgundy.  ... Continue Reading →

Letting the Wine Breathe (Science of Aeration)

My experience with the first Bordeaux experiment got me thinking more about what happens to wine after it is poured out of the bottle.   Swirling, decanting, letting the wine breathe.  Turns out 2 things happen.  Evaporation and oxidation. Evaporation is straight forward.  Volatile compounds disperse into the air. These compounds include alcohol, sulfites (S02),... Continue Reading →

Review of Chateau Roc Meynard Bordeaux Superieur 2014 (Bordeaux Experiment 1a)

I chose Saturday to officially start my first experiment.  I decided to go to Whole Foods to see what they had.  I confidently entered the store, ignored the free bread samples, and went straight to the wine section.  What did I select?? The first bottle I picked up was Chateau Roc Meynard Bordeaux Superieur 2014.... Continue Reading →

Bordeaux (My First Steps)

I could not find a free images that highlights the Bordeaux region so you are going to have to deal with the crappy circle that approximates the location...or just follow the links at the end of this post to get a more accurate picture. Bordeaux wines are apparently one of the most sought after wines... Continue Reading →

First Bordeaux Purchase / Wine Label Terms

I bought my first Bordeaux Reds today.  I did some limited research.... well... what I'm really trying to say is that I did not purchase the wines on any real knowledge.  I picked bottles on based on other factors:  Location, Key Words, Info on Label, Price, Label and Bottle.  I will talk more about these... Continue Reading →

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