The Vino Experiment

Welcome to the Vino Experiment! I’m not going to be advising anyone on the amazing new winery I’ve discovered. I’m definitely not a sommelier. I’m at the stage of just starting to figure things out.

My interest in this subject stemmed from a random business opportunity that happened to be wine related. Prior to this random opportunity, I never really thought about wine. I drank it but did not really appreciate it.

Actually, wine culture turned me off. It felt pretentious…I did not want to sound like an asshole. It also felt like a lot of effort. I just wanted to drink what I liked. Maybe I was just lazy… well to be honest, I was intimidated.

I tended to stick to the 2 varietals that I happened to know a little about. It was safe and I generally got what I expected. I realize now that I’m missing out.

My wine journey starts today. It’s going to be an experiment because I’ve never systematically tried any wine before let alone document the experience. If you stumbled onto this blog, hopefully you get something from it. At the minimum, I hope you are entertained.

Its time to start the Vino Experiment. Cheers!

Part 2:  The above was my original interest but now my chemist side is starting to come out.  As a learn more about the chemistry of wine, the more fascinated I’m becoming with the connection between the wine experience and science.  I’m going to continue to sample new wines but I’m also going to try to relate it back to wine chemistry.  A bit more ambitious but a lot more fun.

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